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Coolpad Canvas freezing and slowing down

  • My Cricket Coolpad Canvas freezes and is slow to respond very frequently. It mainly starts with searching using the Google voice app and eventually needs a restart to get it working again. I have found that using Google Maps will make it slow down and feeeze up as well.

    That’s really strange. My Coolpad Canvas doesn’t have any issues with freezing at all. I actually use it to navigate around with Google Maps regularly. Is it possible that you might have an app installed that could be eating up too much of your ram and/or processing power? Also, have you tried going into Recovery Mode to clear your cache partition? I’m not sure if that would solve your problem or not, but its certainly worth a shot. If you don’t know how to get into Recovery Mode let me know and I’ll help you figure it out.

    Same my Coolpad canvas dose not have any problems with freezing and the battery is really good and you get a lot of features for $50 but I got it for $40

    I had the issues with the slowing down and freezing. It turned out to be the SD Card I had installed and formatted as internal storage. The SD card wasn’t fast enough to keep up with the device. Formatting it as portable storage resolved the issue

    I never would have thought that an SD Card being too slow could cause the phone to lag, but that makes perfect sense. I have my card in as portable storage so I have no idea if that would have happened with mine or not. Great information. Thank you for letting us know.

    Noy sure about the freezing up mine does it here and there but I just turn it off or reboot my question is the three buttons like the forward button of the one that takes you to the main screen button and the other button that brings all the stuff down from the top whatever that’s called LOL Is it supposed to be lit up cuz mine isn’t and it’s hard as hell to see plus I’m having a hard time downloading anything from the Play Store that just keeps downloading downloading what and a little green line just keeps going on and going it supposed to tell you that percentage of what’s downloading it doesn’t I just got this phone so I’m just experimenting with it the specs on it seem to be pretty darn good but I’m not real happy with the phone I know it a low-cost phone 39.99 at Best Buy but with all the specs and the power supposed to have, it does strange things screens just pop up out of nowhere won’t let me download stuff like I said the buttons won’t lit up in the front but what can I expect for 40 bucks I had another one from cricket with only 8 gigs and had it for a couple years and had no problems with it I really like it it was just too small there’s only a 4.5 screen and I was running out of memory and had to delete apps to put another app on so I saw this and thought I’d pick it up and see how it worked has 16 gigs 1.41 whatever, they suppose to have a good battery mine dies very quickly my old cheaper phone which I paid nothing for lasted all day this one I’m lucky to get through the morning I know it says 3 hours talk time that’s just not much disappointed in that also I can still take it back cuz it’s so new but such a hassle I guess I had a questions in there but most of it was just bitching time basically I just want to know about the three buttons in the front and why I can’t download from the Play Store thanks for listening and if you have any answers about the buttons and why I can’t download I would appreciate it thank you

    I have not encountered the Play Store issue you are referring to so I definitely cannot help you with that, but I can confirm that the navigation buttons do not light up. Its a bit of a bummer, but I have gotten used to feeling for the haptic feedback in the dark to be able to tell that I have made contact with the buttons. Its takes a bit of getting used to in darker environments, but for the price point I was willing to forgive Coolpad for not including the backlight.

    My Coolpad canvas as well freezes a lot and now it has started the blue screen of death. I am wondering if anyone else has this trouble?

    My Canvas has been starting to freeze up a bit here and there, but its still mostly running alright. I definitely have not encountered any kind of blue screen error or anything like that. Probably two or three different times I’ve seen it temporarily stop responding and as a result the screen will go black for a few seconds. Have you tried to factory reset the phone and/or go into recovery mode to clear your cache partition? I would try both. If you don’t wanna have to lose all of your personal data try clearing the cache partition first. That will only delete your temporary files. If that doesn’t work then move forward with the factory reset. Getting into Recovery Mode on the Canvas is a bit weird, but I made a YouTube video about it to explain how to do it. Here is a direct link to it —> How to Access and Use Recovery Mode on the Coolpad Canvas

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